Our group is concerned with research in quantum theory, information theory and the interplay between these fields. Questions that fascinate us are listed below. 

Quantum Certifications

How to extend a random bit string in a trustworthy manner? How to guarantee the secrecy of a quantum key with minimal assumptions about the devices used to produce the key? How to certify the quantum nature of a simulator without knowing the physics of this simulator?

We develop theoretical tools for certifying existing quantum technologies

. Quantum Implementations

Will it take one, two or ten years before a quantum computer hack currently used cryptographic systems? What does it take to implement a quantum internet with security guarantees that are independent of the implementation itself?

We quantify the resources that are needed to implement future quantum technologies.

Quantum Correlations

How to quantify and detect quantum correlations in many-body systems? How to create entanglement between light with a massive mechanical systems? What are the challenges to detect micro-macro entanglement? Can entanglement be detected directly with naked eyes?

We study and quantify quantum correlations in large and complex systems.

Quantum Foundations

Can quantum statistics be defined by some simple physical principles? Is there a mechanism behind quantum phenomena? How does nature do it? What are the limits of quantum theory?

We explore fundamental questions to gain new insights on quantum theory

We tackle these open questions with advanced theoretical tools of quantum information without hesitating to use the most advanced optimisation techniques, including semi-define programming and reinforcement learning  in close collaboration with several experimental groups to bring device-independent quantum information processing closer to practical implementation.